I recently had the honor of photographing Theresa + Erin’s intimate northwoods elopement.  And because their words sum up their day so much better than mine ever could…

You get to hear it straight from the Rouse Wives //

“On August 11th, in the privacy of a random jungle off the beaten path in a public park, we got married. It was quite literally a perfect day.

We planned next-to-nothing, yet spent so many of the wee hours of the night lying in bed talking about our plans and our day and how it would come together. Would Cecie be caught peeing in the bushes during the ceremony? Would the kids be embarrassed to participate in the ceremony? Would we ever find dresses? Should we bring the dogs and ask Danielle to wrangle 7 harnesses and small creatures? What should we have for dinner afterwards? At the end of the day, would it be as special as we imagined?

It. Was. Perfect. Perfectly imperfect.

So many things just fell together, as they often do for us. We love pink…it’s sorta kinda one of our things. The universe said, “here’s a vintage slip in a lovely shade of blush that will coordinate beautifully with a dress Erin randomly purchased and will fit Theresa like a glove!” Um, thanks Universe!

We kept it simple. We bought rose gold bands on Etsy. We wore flip flops. We did each other’s hair and nails. We sat on the bathroom floor while Megan photographed us.

We kept it relaxed. We slept in, we listened to music, we put together flower bouquets that we ended up forgetting at home. We were surprised with a kiddo reprieve late morning and took a jaunt to Red Robin to eat vegan burgers and fries. We enjoyed each other.

Our officiant was an old friend, one who was there wholeheartedly from the start and has continued to be a rock of support. She did an amazing job and is taking bookings immediately for wedding officiating.

Our guest list was small. It wasn’t how we always pictured it, but in the end it was perfect. We wanted the day to be about us and our love and a true celebration of what we’ve been through to get to this moment.

It was.”


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