what is unboudoir?




I fell into boudoir photography a few years back on a whim. I thought I’d try it… See if I’d like it, because why not? And honestly, I didn’t expect to. I’ve always been a plain jane if you will. Jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of black Vans are my jam. If I feel the need to impress, I’ll throw some mascara on. And the only reason I’d put my hair up is to avoid a snarly mess from my baby’s soaked-in-drool hands. I’m married to a man in his thirties that still has dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder, and have two little dudes that I spend much of my day running after – keeping them safe but curious. So womanhood for me consists of showering and surviving, and usually stops there. Being surrounded by so much testosterone made the idea of photographing women in an intimate setting… maybe weird to me? I thought I’d feel out of my element. But that’s only because I had this preconceived idea of what boudoir was. Everything I was exposed to said, “Sexy. Lingerie. Red lipstick. High heels. Heavy makeup.” Everything I’m not.  But maybe this is you, and that’s totally 110% fine! I will tell you this though… after one session, I was completely hooked. I quickly realized that boudoir isn’t about looking like a Kardashian. It’s about a feeling. A feeling of empowerment, self-worth and confidence… knowing that our own body image shouldn’t define us, and we certainly won’t let society define us… that the opinions of our peers are only opinions… that we should be sensitive to others, especially other women, because we’re more alike than we realize. We are our own worst critics. But it’s not a competition. It’s never been a competition.


I’ve met incredibly amazing females through these sessions. Girls that have overcome bullying, sexual/verbal/physical abuse, disorders, etc…  I’ve also worked with many girls who just needed to feel renewed, and some that just flat out wanted to see if they were brave enough to do it.  To each one of them, I am forever grateful. For their trust in me to capture them in such an intimate way has only given me more incentive to keep this initiative going. Their strength has given me strength. Their positivity has made me more grateful for what I do have. They are the reason I keep exploring this area. Establishing self-worth is hard. But ladies, when you feel on top of the world… who is to stop you from living a life you’ve only dreamt of?