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First Look

15 – 20 minutes.

I know… The controversy.  Yes, it’s a myth that if you see your partner before your ceremony, your marriage will end abruptly.   And I fully understand the superstition thing.  Maybe not with this, but I sure as hell won’t walk under an open ladder.  So I would never pressure you to do a first look.  But if you are on the fence about this, my advice is to make a pros and cons list, and tailor it to your own expectations.  Here are a few reasons people are either for or against the “first look.”

  • Con: The surprise factor is ruined.
  • Con: We’ll get divorced.
  • Pro:  There is still a surprise factor, but instead of having an audience witness this special moment, it becomes a much more intimate and personal surprise that only the two of you will share.
  • Pro:  Your man won’t feel like he has to hide his emotions.  Dude, you can cry your eyes out in front of me.  I would love that (says the photographer who thrives on emotional images).  Your bride would also love that.  And we promise we won’t judge you, nor will we tell a soul.
  • Pro:  The nerves are no longer there.  Walking down an aisle in front of tons of people can be terrifying.  A first look calms the nerves, so instead of concentrating on not tripping, you can direct all of your attention toward McDreamy.