An engagement session is great for a number of reasons.  It gives me a chance to learn more about you as a couple.  How’d you guys meet?  What do you do for a living?  What do you guys like to do in your leisure time?  But I also get to learn about your relationship with my camera.  Does one person need more direction than the other?  Do you have any insecurities I can help you feel more comfortable with?  How do I get you both to interact most naturally?  These are all beneficial things to know before your wedding day.

It’s also a chance for you to get to know me as a photographer.  We learn about personal space during your engagement session, and how I’ll be all up in yours.  I’m kidding.  No, I’m not kidding.  But you’ll love the photos, so you’ll most likely just roll with it.  You might also think I’m staring at you blankly, and I probably am.  But I’m just seeing which way the light hits your face best.  Mostly though, you’ll learn that I’m laid back, love to laugh, and am pretty damn passionate about what I do and the people I photograph.


View FAQs below!


When should we schedule our engagement session?

My availability fills up quickly, especially May - November, so please schedule as early as possible.  Since weddings normally take place on the weekends, I usually schedule engagements on weeknights starting two hours before sunset.  If you’re planning on using these images for Save the Dates, don’t forget to allow plenty of time for that as well!

What can we expect?

I don’t put a time limit on engagement sessions because they really are all about us getting to know one another.  I want you guys to think of it as a night out with a new friend!  Typically they last about two hours long.  But if you tell me ahead time that one of you is more camera shy, I might suggest we grab a drink before we start!

What should we wear?

You guys. Please do not stress about this part.  Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.  Stick to your own personal style, and if you want to rev it up a notch with fancier attire, do so.  If not, I’m just as cool with that as well.  We usually have time for up to two different outfits.  However, if we’re doing a lot of exploring, I suggest sticking to only one.  Simply for the fact that I’ll be taking photos of you guys the entire time, and a bag of clothing over one’s shoulder isn’t something you want captured.

Tips on what to wear!

- Consider the environment you’re being photographed in.  If we’re exploring the city, bold colors jive well with an urban setting.  If we’re hiking up a mountain, a casual look may be more appropriate.

- Coordinate, but NO MATCHING!  If one of you is wearing a solid colored shirt, your significant other can repeat that color in a patterned shirt.  It’s a great way to add contrast to your images, and is a helpful design element in a photograph as well.

- Avoid shirts with logos on them.  I.E. nike, adidas, general electric… Because it looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

- Accessories are a great addition to any outfit.  Hats, scarves, jewelry, blankets, etc. Get creative!

- Don’t overthink it.  I’ll be capturing the relationship between you two.  Rest assured, I won’t be handing out trophies for Who Wore It Best.  So bottom line, be comfortable.

Where should we go?

Super important for you to know - my best work is heavily influenced by light.  Which also means I get inspiration on a whim… from everything to anything.  Think about your favorite place to visit.  Or where you guys met.  A museum, a bar, a grocery store, the library.  Get creative!  I’ll have you guys give me a general location to start in, and we’ll spend some time exploring the surrounding area together.  If you are urbanites and favor a specific part of the city, we’ll pick a spot to meet at and literally walk around stopping wherever we find inspiration.  If you guys love nature, we can meet at a State Park, Nature Reserve, etc., and do the same.  I love to explore. My hope is that you do as well.

Certain locations will charge a fee for professional photographs to be taken there.  Please call them ahead of time if you think this might be the case.

When do we get to see our engagement photos?

I’ll be sure to post a few sneak peeks to social media within a few days after your session - so you guys can see how much you killed it ;)  Approximately three - four weeks after your session, I’ll send you a link to your password protected gallery where you can download your images and share with family and friends.