"A little bit of funk and a whole lotta soul."
Cinematic storytelling for light-hearted lovers.


Dinner Hour

1 – 2 hours

Much of the rest of the night will be full of candid opportunities. My style is about capturing relationships. I’ll focus heavily on documenting your guests interacting with each other, and of course with you as well. If you guys plan on cutting a cake, making toasts and having speeches, you bet I’ll capture those, too.

No one likes to be photographed while shoveling food into their mouthes, so my associate and I typically use this time to refuel and eat our meals.


  • Candlelight, and lots of it, is a great way to add a soft romantic ambiance to any room.
  • String lights, galore.  Imagine beautiful bokeh everywhere. Bokeh is the out-of-focus “blur” effect light produces when photographed in a particular manner.