Formerly trained as a painter, I am completely inspired by light.  I received undergrad degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Painting and Art History, and my studies have no doubt directly impacted my career as a photographer. While painting taught me how to see light, my love for history stemmed from my passion for people; their who, what and why.  But history has also given me a deep appreciation for photojournalism.  I learned that for every action I witness on your wedding day, there’s a reaction waiting to be photographed… Whether that be blushing cheeks before your first look, sweaty palms before you walk down the aisle, a stream of tears caused by heartfelt vows, to the tightest hugs filled with warmest wishes… It’s my goal to capture these fleeting moments in images that will stay with you and your family for generations to come.


“I consider myself a storyteller.  

I’m drawn to emotion, led by light and inspired by love.”

Describe your style.

If photojournalism and editorial vibes could make a baby.

Jokes aside, I'd describe my style as cinematic, poetic, quiet, serene, intentional...

Tell me about the investment.

Wedding Commissions begin at $5,000. Elopement, Destination and Intimate Weddings vary. Because your love story is most certainly unique, it's best to use the contact form to receive a quote tailored just to your day.

Is a second photographer included?


Can I see a full wedding gallery?

Absolutely. I'd prefer that you do so you know what to expect.

How far in advance do you typically book out?

Most bookings are reserved six months to one year in advance. I’ve also booked weddings weeks in advance. If the date is open, and we’re a good fit, we'll make it happen!

How many weddings do you book a year?

I believe that beautiful, emotional imagery is the result of a strong partnership - which in turn almost always results in a great friendship. This is an intimate day for you guys. I couldn’t capture your day the way I do if I didn’t take the time to get to know you on a personal level. For that reason, I book no more than 10 per year.

Where are you based out of? How far do you travel?

I am based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I will travel the world with you guys.

Do you photograph elopements?

YES. I love elopements. They are laid back, intimate, unique and entirely my cup of tea… So to answer your question…Yes, I will totally elope with you guys. For investment information, please contact Megan via the contact form.

What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have back-ups?

Canon, and I sure as heck do.

Do you have insurance?


Can I show you my Pinterest board?

You can most certainly show me your Pinterest board. I'd love to see what colors you’ve chosen, your wedding gown, decor inspiration, etc. I won’t, however, replicate images from your board. I'd love for you to hire me because you love MY work. More than anything else, I need your trust. Giving me a shot list not only limits my creativity, but also prohibits me from capturing the lovely in-between moments I am known for documenting. I will always take a list of names for formal family photos though!

Post-processing/Editing? Tell me more.

I have fallen in love with the editing process. When I first started, I found it to be rather boring. I simply thought that creativity peaked when I was behind the camera; capturing moments, playing with light, composition, negative space, etc. Fast forward a few years later, and you’ll find that this is where I spend the majority of my time. I love the way an image can be manipulated by an edit. How it has the ability to resemble a painting by playing with contrast, tones, saturation, etc… When creating an image on your wedding day, I am always thinking about the final edit – which is why I process all my own images. I envisioned the photograph when I took it, so it would be silly for me to send it off to someone else only to have them complete it in a different way than I imagined.

My edits include post processing such as, but not limited to, skin softening, color + tonal enhancements, black and white processing, etc. Anything or anyone can be removed or added to an image for an additional fee.

How many images are delivered with a wedding?

In most cases, clients receive 400 – 600 fully edited images often determined by the amount of wedding day coverage.

How long will it take for us to get our images? Albums?

12 weeks. For albums, 5-6 weeks after the design is approved by you and submitted for printing.

So how do we book you?

Inquire! Let’s see if your date is available. If it is, we’ll grab a drink. And if you’re out-of-state, we’ll Skype or chat via phone. You’ll tell me all about your plans for the big day. And I’ll tell you a bit more about how I work - what you can expect the day of your wedding, what collection might work best for you, and we’ll go from there.

To book your date, I require a non-refundable retainer fee along with a signed wedding photography agreement.

What's your biggest piece of advice for couples looking to get the most out of their wedding photography?

You get what you give. Prioritize what photographs are most important to you, and dedicate more than enough time to make sure they happen.