Cinematic storytelling where funk meets soul.


Marguerite + Andrew L.

I met Megan through another photographer, who was moved by her work and eager to see how it would evolve. Upon seeing her photos, I could understand why. As a person sensitive to life’s wordless spaces, I was immediately drawn to Megan’s approach to weddings– her “visual storytelling,” as she describes it (if memory serves me correctly). When we met Megan for the first time I was even more convinced that we had made the best choice hiring her– and were extremely lucky to have found her. As an older (first-time) bride who is painfully camera shy, I knew immediately that I could trust her and relax. Megan and I hit it off immediately. She is down to earth, warm, kind, enthusiastic, and I felt totally at ease in her presence. She was also exceptionally generous. She helped us choose the most ideal spot to hold our outdoor ceremony. She helped us plan the timing of our day (I was never one to have fantasies about my wedding and was very ignorant about how to plan such an important, personal event). She was patient. She was encouraging. She even helped us find some wonderful vendors with whom to work. My instincts about Megan could not have been more spot on. The photos she took of our intimate, rain-and rainbow-filled wedding could not have been more stunning. She really captured the beauty of the event. We treasure the photos she took. And feel so, so lucky to have worked with her.

Kate + Walt C.

The photos that Meg captured of our wedding are pure and enchanting. Somehow, Meg seemed to be everywhere, in every moment, capturing all the delicate details and intimate exchanges. She possesses magic.

I reached out to Meg after an adamant recommendation from my florist. With one look at her website and one phone conversation I knew we were kindred spirits. Meg is calm, kind, silly and yet direct; she was the perfect tonic that kept me at ease through the planning process and on the day of the wedding. She fashioned my awkwardness and goofiness into photos filled with tenderness and love. Megan Yanz is a genuine human with a brilliant talent.

Jeanine S. + Eddrin W.

I found Megan through Instagram and was instantly struck by her evocative style of storytelling. The colors and light in her photos are reminiscent of a painting, and she manages to capture her subjects in such a raw, beautiful light- moments frozen in time forever. Once I checked out her website and explored her body of work, I knew it was meant to be and that I had to have her capture the most important day of my life. Megan came to New Orleans the first weekend of October to shoot our big day, which also happened to be the exact day Hurricane Nate decided to sweep through the Gulf. What were the most anxious moments leading up to our wedding ceremony (with a curfew posted early that evening, causing us to shift our entire timeline to the morning) became replaced with a sense of calm and joy, in large part to the professionalism and creative direction of Megan and her partner, Katie. She rolled with us throughout the day in such a seamless way, despite the torrential downpour outside, and utilized our venue its all it’s beautiful little details. My wedding party remarked how amazing she was and even stopped to pose in photos with her! I have nothing but the best words to say about Megan and her incredible professionalism under pressure, down-to-earthness, artistic talent and the obvious passion she displays for her work. She was truly everything I had imagine and more! The photos we got were GORGEOUS and I cry every time I look at them. Anyone who gets the chance to work with her will be left with priceless artifacts to last a lifetime. My husband and I can’t wait for her to photograph our littles one day! Thank you, Megan, for being our storyteller and capturing our day perfectly. We love you!

Kaylen + Zach M.

I feel like no amount of words can describe how thankful my husband and I are that Megan was the one who took our engagement photos and photos on our wedding day!

(I apologize for such a long review!)

Photography was our number one priority for our wedding so we spent a lot of time researching photographers in the Milwaukee/Madison area. Through that process, I got to see the variety of photography styles that are out there and Megan is unlike anyone I saw. She has a way of capturing the raw emotion and making you feel like you are right back in the photograph, making her a true visual storyteller. She also has a way of doing it that is artistic while making you feel the emotions in your relationship.

She took our engagement photos, which I would recommend everyone to do if she is photographing your wedding because it gave us a chance to get to know each other and get rid of those nerves of being in front of the camera! We also had a blast exploring around the park and seeing how she gets so inspired by the light and the little quirky things we did!

When she took our wedding photos, she really focused on the details anywhere from the tie to the look on my mom’s face when she was helping me with my dress.

Like I said, photographs were the top priority for us so we got the fine art gliclee print she offers as well as the guest book album, and they are worth every penny!

Overall, she is just a blast to have a part of any memories you want to be captured. She is so sweet and laid back and such a great person to get to know.

It’s needless to say that we are looking forward to having her capture future times in our life and we can’t recommend her enough!

James + Keri K.

Words can’t describe how skilled of a photographer Megan Yanz is. She easily met and exceeded our expectations! All the photographs she took at our ceremony and reception are breathtaking! Her background in painting and art history are on full display in her work. It did not take long at all for us to trust Megan and her process. Our time with her was delightful and entertaining!

Megan is respectful, punctual, creative, responsive, astute, energetic, efficient, and detailed oriented. She is worth every penny! We highly recommend Megan Yanz Photography as your photographer! You will not be disappointed! We guarantee it!

Ryan + Tim F.

Obsessed! I found Megan on Instagram while searching for a wedding photographer with an artistic and non-traditional approach. I’m just blown away by the beauty and realness she captured- I really think a lot of our pictures belong in a magazine! Thanks a million, Megan… you are a dream!

Erin + Nick S.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Megan! From our first consultation to working with her on the final wedding album, she kept it real, was a ball to work with, and gave us amazing pictures, beyond what we could have asked for. I had met with a few potential photographers prior to meeting Megan. Their work was good and I’m sure they would have given us fine photos. But once I met with Megan, I knew she was the one (ya know, in addition to “the one” I was marrying ;). She made me excited with her positivity and talent, professional and relatable at the same time.

From the time she was hired to the final delivery of the photos, she was always readily available to answer questions, meet in person, and walk us through all the steps leading up to the big day.

I cried when I saw our wedding photos… in the best way possible. And she created a slideshow set to music, another wonderful surprise. Working with Megan was worth every penny of our investment. We can’t wait to work with her again for family portraits in the future 🙂

Megan + Tyler B.

I knew from the second I saw Megan’s work that I needed her to photograph my upcoming wedding. After meeting with her and getting to know her more, I knew I made the right choice. We were so lucky to have Megan tag along to our destination wedding in Jamaica. My family and I really got to know her here on a more personal level (which was awesome). She is not only a true artist (whose work will be famous one day, I can promise you that), but is an amazing soul. She has a heart of gold and is just a joy to be around. She is truly the only one who was able to capture the beauty of the country we got married in, and our wedding. I could rave about her forever, but lastly I have to say that I am so happy to have not only gained a lifetime photographer, but walked away feeling like I gained a friend and forever inspiration. My husband and I have said this countless times, but hiring Megan as our photographer was one of the best decisions we could’ve ever made.

Ana + Aaron C.

Megan is AMAZING. I looked into countless wedding photographer options, and choosing Megan was a no-brainer. We were recommended to her by a friend, and after seeing their wedding photos, I knew I had to meet Megan. For me, it was really important that my wedding photography was not the typical staged, posed photos that you see everywhere. I wanted something more unique and authentic – a photographer that could capture the real-life moments, the true emotions, the small details that embody the essence of our special day. This is exactly what Megan does best. She has an amazing eye for capturing raw beauty and her photos are beautiful. Not to mention that she is amazing to work with – extremely responsive, professional, energetic and overall a blast to be around. We worked with Meg for both our engagement and wedding day photos, and I cannot say enough great things about the entire experience! Highly highly recommended.

Amanda + Chad M.

We are just blown away! The slideshow Megan created of our wedding captured the essence of our special day exactly the way I envisioned it! What a beautiful song and the pictures are just wonderful – your ability to tell a story is amazing. We are so impressed with how talented you are and feel like hiring you for our wedding was just meant to be and one of the best decisions we made in our planning. For the rest of our lives Chad, I and the girls will have these memories represented around our home and will go back and watch the slideshow. I’m sure as the girls get older they will continue to love looking back as much as we do at our special day. Thank you so much.

Amy + Joe S.

I am not even sure where to begin when it comes to this lady! Simply put, she is incredible! The bees knees if you will 🙂 My husband and I found Meg through google when we were looking for our photographer for our engagement and wedding. After loving everything I was seeing on her website, we scheduled a time to meet. I swear to you, after meeting her for the first couple minutes, I just felt comfortable with her. She is just the sweetest. We had scheduled meetings with a few other photographers, but after we left our meeting with Meg, I said to my then fiancé (now husband) we don’t need to go to those other meetings. She is it. It was one of the best, if not the best, decision we made when it came to wedding planning.

We worked with Meg for both our engagement photo session and our wedding. It can be a little awkward taking pictures sometimes with all the poses and what not. Meg talked with us through it all, cracking jokes, asking us about our love story, asking about wedding plans and really helped us to feel natural, and it reflected in our photos. She also helped me narrow down a time line for the wedding day to stay on schedule and to make sure we got all the shots we wanted. It was awesome. Wedding planning can be stressful! And I had ZERO stress when it came to this aspect of our day. ZERO.

Jeff + Andrea B.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, look no further. Megan Yanz is the best of the best! My wife and I could not have been happier; her pictures were absolutely amazing. Megan is extremely gifted, and very creative. During our wedding she hunted us done to take pictures outside on the pier under the moonlight. The picture turned out amazing because the backlighting lit up the cotton in the air – it looked like we were in space – AMAZING. We can not say enough about Megan, she is a true professional and we will be life long friends. Megan is AWESOME!

Leslie + Nick K.

Megan, these pictures have me in tears!! You have done an absolutely amazing job capturing the beauty and love present on that special day! I can not express my gratitude for what you have done for us. These photos will be cherished for generations to come! I do not think I have ever looked so happy on camera! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

Nicole + Tom G.

Megan captured every moment of our wedding so perfectly.  When I look back at our photographs, I get emotional all over again! I cannot say enough about her; she is truly one of the most amazing people I have met! She is passionate about what she does, and it really comes through in her images!

Amanda + Alex I.

Megan is absolutely amazing. She photographed my engagement and my wedding, and she was the best decision (beside my husband, of course!) that I made for my wedding day. She has an incredible vision, attitude and some unbelievable talent at capturing the most memorable and perfect moments. I would recommend Megan to anyone who is looking for that perfect photographer for their special day. It’s so important to choose someone you can be comfortable with and trust to give you a final product that you can share with all your loved ones and be completely ecstatic with – and by choosing Megan, that’s exactly what I got!

Jamie + Zach B.

What a BLAST!! Working with you was incredible! You have an amazing amount of positive energy + enthusiasm – We couldn’t help but smile in all our pictures! We are overwhelmed with how great they turned out; you captured us and the feeling of our day so perfectly. On an artist note, your use of color blows my mind! Fantastic + creative + fun composition – you really have a gift for capturing people at their best moment. Your dedication + professionalism is top notch, and I can’t wait to see you again!

Ashley + Nick G.

I can’t thank you enough for giving us beautiful wedding photos that we will be able to look at for the rest of our lives! You were so easy to work with, and we enjoyed the entire process. You show such passion for what you do, which is why you’re so good at it! The photographs you take show such a memorable story. We can’t wait to show our friends and family. Good luck with your business, and I can’t wait to see future work of yours (maybe even a family one for us in a few years) 😉 Take care and God Bless!