As a mom of three, I know first hand how quickly time passes.  How quickly the roundness in a baby’s face disappears…  How quickly their personalities explode and evolve into something much grander than we ever imagined…

While you love to watch them grow into these amazing little beings, another part of you wishes they’d stay little forever.  This is why families have undeniably become my favorite subjects to photograph.  The love we share with our children is unequivocal.  It’s complex and honest, patient and forgiving.  It’s every feeling you’ve ever experienced.

And frankly, this is why I document it.  Because nothing makes me feel more alive than being a mom.  And I never want to forget a single day of it.


How would you describe your style?

Photojournalism that is heartfelt, cinematic, artistic and unscripted.

What is your approach to photographing families?

I believe in capturing moments that tell a story. Moments that go beyond a good portrait and instead describe the love and connection you share with your child.

My approach to photographing your family is to simply document these fleeting moments before they are forgotten. I find the most joy in capturing small, often unseen moments. Like the way their little bodies fit like a puzzle in your arms. Or the contagious belly laughter after a game of chase or tickle. I want to see the dirty feet that got lost in a sea of curiosity and a world of wonderment…  And the windblown hair that has spent all day soaking up sunshine…  Or the grass stained clothes that reek of happiness… Those are the childhood moments I love to capture.

Imperfect.  Honest.  Full of life.

What types of family sessions do you offer?

I offer three different types of family sessions with varying time lengths.

The perfect amount of time for little ones with short attention spans, teens with limited interest or couples looking to have their maternity documented.
The Short Story Session runs up to 4 hours long and is great for families looking for a shortened version of the Day in the Life session or couples looking to have their little one's birth captured.  
The Day in the Life Session is approximately 8 hours long and is often done every 2 - 3 years as your family's life constantly evolves. Document those fleeting moments of childhood and parenthood so they stay with you forever! This session takes places in or around client’s home.

How do we book?

Each of the three sessions has it's own session fee. This fee is paid upfront to reserve your date. The session fee includes the session time, professional editing of your proofs and an online gallery for viewing.

Digitals, Fine Art Prints and Heirloom Product can be purchased after you have the opportunity to view your images. There is absolutely no minimum that you are required to meet. You only purchase what you love!

For pricing information, please fill out the form on the contact page.