As this industry constantly evolves, it’s important that you do, too. And while it’s true this is a saturated profession, there will always be a need for photographers.  Your goal, however, is to stick out from others. This means your brand has to be strong, your work has to be phenomenal, your networking skills need to be solid and your passion needs to be fierce.  Make a list of people who inspire you most.  And make it a goal to mentor with one of them each year.  You’ll leave with more knowledge and a feeling of rejuvenation… something we all routinely need.


“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you. Spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

-Amy Poehler




An intensive 8 hour work day where you’ll be challenged, educated and inspired.  The beginning of our day will include time for Q + A, and then will be spent reviewing your portfolio, along with a constructive website critique.  We’ll break for lunch (on Meg!). The second half of the day will involve a full session of shooting time specific to your niche of love, lifestyle or boudoir.  Lastly, you’ll end your day with portraits of your own photographed by Meg. Must be comfortable with shooting in manual mode.  Session must take place locally.





A 4 hour session of education and inspiration.  We’ll start out with Q + A, dive into  an intensive portfolio review while I help you discover your strengths and improve upon any weaknesses.  We’ll end by shooting a mini session specific to your niche of love, lifestyle or boudoir.  You’ll be able to shoot along side of me learning how I interact with clients, how I get them to feel most comfortable in front of the camera as well as learn a few shooting techniques.  Session must take place locally.




Q + A

A sixty minute session via phone or in-person of “You ask, I answer.”  Ask me about the gear I use, how I use it, how I find my ideal clients, my preparation process for a shoot, my shooting process, posing or un-posing, how to find the light, client relationships, vendor relationships, shooting in manual mode, post-processing, software, finding your voice; your why and your purpose.  You tell me what I can help you with.