Cinematic storytelling where love and light meet on a molecular level.


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Drawn to emotion, led by light and inspired by love; Megan is a wedding and portrait photographer with a passion for telling stories.

Her background in Fine Art has given her a prominent cinematic style that is complimented by beautiful tones and exceptional composition. Megan’s work continues to be published in influential wedding and photography blogs and magazines.



Hi!  I’m Meg.  I’m the wife to a young-at-heart skateboarding fanatic.  We recently celebrated 14 years of marriage.  He tolerates my passion for creating while I tolerate his passion for sports.   Together, we share the role of parenthood thanks to our beloved three kids.  One could say our biggest and most rewarding challenge yet.  In their few short years here, I believe we’ve learned more from them than them from us.

I spent my undergrad years studying Fine Art at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee graduating with a BFA in Drawing and Painting and a BA in Art History.  In short, my love for history and passion for humanity is how I found photography.  My love for painting is how I became good at it.  Painting taught me how to see light.  How to manipulate it.  And well, in photography, light is what you make of it.

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