Lifestyle FAQs

What is a lifestyle session?

Simply put, a lifestyle session often takes place at one’s home, and results in collection of beautiful, honest, authentic imagery documenting the ordinary in your family’s everyday life.  I currently offer two sessions; A Short Story (90 minutes at a location of your choice) and A Day in the Life (anywhere from 4 – 8 hours in your own home). 


Why do we want one?

Because those small fleeting moments that tend to be the most important ones, also tend to be the most forgotten.  Those are the moments that shape and form who we become, what we came from, and remind us of who we once were.


My house is crazy small.  I don’t think it will look pretty in pictures

The size of your home doesn’t matter.  The people inside of it do, however.  I live in a teeny tiny home, and while it may not be the nicest one on the block by any means, we work damn hard for that place.  Just like you do!  If anything, be proud of that.  My favorite images from my childhood are the moments I was too young to remember.  Where we lived made no difference.  What I do remember were the days spent playing red rover, picking raspberries on summer mornings, how cool it was that my Barbie town house had an elevator, my brother’s immense love for his Star Wars figurines, my sister’s obsession with rodents (we had every pet imaginable), how good our kitchen would smell every night my mom cooked, nights with the neighborhood kids playing kick-the-can, when grandma and grandpa would stop in to visit… Those are memories I’ll hold forever.  


My kids destroy our house on a daily basis.  Do I need to clean before you come over?

Please, don’t.  My whole premise is to capture people as they are.  Our home is far from being perfectly kept.  If it was, my husband would check me in somewhere.  Plus, more stuff on the floor means more for me to photograph!  

I want you to look back at these images after your kids have moved out, and feel the feelings all over again.  Hear their tiny voices singing obnoxiously in the kitchen as you made them lunch.  Feel the vibrations of their feet ferociously stomping while they pretended to be dinosaurs. Smile about how nasty the kitchen floor would get as they ran inside with sticky dripping popsicles. Laugh about the time that four letter curse word slipped out as you tripped over a lego for the millionth time.  You know…all those moments you remember thinking “I can’t wait for the day _____ doesn’t happen anymore!”  And then you realize, you’re going to miss it.


What should we wear?

What would you wear if I wasn’t coming to your home to photograph your family?  Wear exactly that.


Will you take a formal photo of us?

Of course.  For the Day in the Life sessions, I always throw in a mini-portrait session in the afternoon where we have you all together, smiling and loving life.  You know, the one time you all are simultaneously looking at my camera.  Everyone is more than welcome to change into a nicer than usual outfit for these.  My only rule…no matching.


What if my child is grumpy, or starts misbehaving?

Insert shameless plug here. I’m really, really great with kids.  I have mastered the art of distraction.  My oldest is 5, so I’ve experienced all of what those lovely toddler years had to offer.  And speaking on behalf of my child, kids usually behave better when a stranger is present.  If he/she is still unruly, you are more than welcome to handle that situation as you normally would.  I can make a timeout look really artsy in a photo.


What should we do?  Should we plan something fun?

Yes, totally.  I understand that not every day is a beautiful, fun-filled one.  For that reason, it’s a good idea to have activities in mind when planning your session.  Whether it’s a trip to the park, the kids helping with a meal, a family game night, getting ready for school, sports activities, etc. Activities will make you guys forget I’m there!


I’m intriguedBut want to know more

I want to meet with you!  Let’s grab some coffee and discuss details!  As always, consults are completely complimentary.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yep!  I realize this is an investment.  But it’s a worthy one, and I want you guys to have this.  I want your kids to have this.  And their kids to have this.  While photography is a luxury, it’s one of the few things you own that will stay with your family for generations to come.


With a valid credit card, I offer payment plans divided into three monthly installments.  Product is released after the final payment has been made.