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emotionAL STORYTELLING straight from the heart.

As a parent, I know first hand how quickly time goes.  How quickly the roundness in a baby’s face disappears.  How quickly their developing personalities take on these new larger-than-life personas.  It’s a bittersweet feeling to see your mini grow into someone you’re becoming so proud of.  While you love to imagine who they’ll be someday, another part of you wishes you could keep them little forever.

My approach to photographing your family is to simply document these fleeting moments before they become an obscure memory.  

From the gentle warm embraces while you catch your breath after a serious tickle match. To the contagious belly laughs followed by a string of joyful tears.  From the dirty feet that got lost in a sea of curiosity and a world of wonderment.  From the windblown hair that has spent most the day soaking up sunshine.  To the grass stained clothes that reek of happiness.  Those are the moments I love to capture.  

Imperfect.  Honest.  Full of life.