Cinematic storytelling where love and light meet on a molecular level.


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My Philosophy

Extraordinary reminders of happy moments you had


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Hi There, I’m Megan.

As a mom of three, I know first hand how quickly time passes.  How quickly the roundness in a baby’s face disappears…  How quickly their personalities explode and evolve into something much grander than we ever imagined…While you love to watch them grow into these amazing little beings, another part of you wishes they’d stay little forever.  This is why families have undeniably become my favorite subjects to photograph.  The love we share with our children is unequivocal.  It’s complex and honest, patient and forgiving.  It’s every feeling you’ve ever experienced.And frankly, this is why I document it.  Because nothing makes me feel more alive than being a mom.  And I never want to forget a single day of it.